Version 17.0 Patches

AccessLog, Analyzer and Monitor Version 17.0 Fixes (Not Included in the base release)


All of the latest patches require .Net Framework Version 4.0 which can be downloaded from Microsoft.


The files on this page are upgrades only, you must have already done the full install to use these upgrades.


If you want to get the full install Click here.


Patch 17.8

Download the Patch 17.8 zip file


Patch releases now contain all patches to AccessLog, Analyzer and Monitor Version 17.0.  The patches are cumulative so only the most recent patch file needs to be applied.  The patch file includes a Readme document (Readme Patch 17.8 which contains information on how to install the patch and what it contains.




Client Version 17.0.10

MCP Version 17.0.2



Client Version 17.0.17

MCP Version 17.0.5



Client Version 17.0.11

MCP Version 17.0.1