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All of the known problems are fixed in the latest patches.


All of the latest patches require .Net Framework Version 3.5 which can be downloaded from Microsoft.  Also they fix any CAS Policy errors.


Version 14.0 no longer supported

Version 15.0 no longer supported

Version 16.0 Patch 16.5

Version 17.0 Patch 17.5


Version 16.0 Full Download

Version 16.0 MCP Files Only Zip


Version 17.0 Full Download



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Warnings (4)


(1)  Analyzer 16.0.5 and Monitor 16.0.3 versions on the first MCP 16.0 install disk (Part Number 8885 5929-009) from Unisys don't work with the Unisys keys.  Analyzer 16.0.6 and Monitor 16.0.4 in the website download and on the replacement install disk from Unisys (Part Number 8885 5929-010) work correctly.


(2)  MCP 16.0 requires the following versions or higher on the MCP system to run otherwise ACR will fault terminate:

        Version 14.0.20 (Available in Patch 14.6)

        Version 15.0.5  (Available in Patch 15.4)


(3)  Analyzer goes into a loop when analyzing Variable Format Standard Datasets. (PLE 18933667).

Fixed with the following patches:


MCP 14.0    MCP Version 14.0.18 (Contained in Patch 14.4)

MCP 15.0    MCP Version 15.0.3   (Contained in Patch 15.2)



(4)  Warning - Analyzer should not be run during REORGANIZATION!



Latest Updates to dbaTOOLS Versions


Last Updates posted:  Tuesday, March 6, 2017


Version 16.0

Patch 16.4 is available for dbaTOOLS 16.0


Version 17.0

Patch 17.5 is available for dbaTOOLS 17.0


Support for Version 15.0 will ended October 31, 2016

Support for Version 14.0 ended October 31, 2015

Support for Versions 13.0 and 13.1 ended October 31, 2013

Support for Versions 12.0 and 12.1 ended October 31, 2011



Newest Help Files

These are the latest versions of the help file and are in WebHelp format.


AccessLog 17.0 Help Files

Analyzer 17.0 Help Files

Monitor 17.0 Help Files


Technical Support


dbaTOOLS is supported by both Stewart DataTech and Unisys Corporation.  If you have purchased the product from Stewart DataTech please contact us for support.  If you have purchased your product from Unisys Corporation please use your normal Unisys support channels or you can contact Stewart DataTech.


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